Blogging in 2017: What should bloggers focus on (tips & trends)?

“Successful blogging is not about one-time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.” – David Aston

Without mincing words, 2017 will be the most rewarding as well as most challenging year yet known to the blogging enterprise. The template for that impossible mix is not just created today – it started off several years ago.

Several experts have shared that view. In Larry Kin, the CEO of Wordstream’s words, in 2017,  “there’ll be FEWER WINNERS with much bigger jackpots.” So, get that straight.

How it all started?

Blogging started off with concerted efforts of forums like mod.ber in the mid-80s. The main focus was to present the many scattered reports and information generated in an organised and uniform way to their audience.

From then, there were a couple of adjustments and innovations till sometimes in the 2000s when the social media stepped in. Since then, blogging has never remained the same again. The transformation has been epic.

Today, there are over a hundred million active blogs with hundreds of millions contents shared on a monthly basis. The low side, however, is that there are so many blogs and contents resulting in drastic reduction of ROI on the contents.

The question therefore is, what should a blogger focus on to drive the impacts of his/her works and, consequently, generate values for every dime invested into his/her blogging business? That’s the focuses of this article with tips on what experts need to do to create the special appeals that will drive their blogs successfully in the coming year.

Before we go into this, let’s consider a couple of statistics that show the current influence of blogging on businesses across the world.

The Amazing Impacts of Quality Blog Contents

According to BlogHer, 81 percent of American online consumers trust advice from blogs for their shopping decisions. If you ever intend to sway their purchase decisions in your favour, better consider blogging.

It also said that 61 percent of American online consumers have made purchase decisions based on recommendations from blogs in the past.

Furthermore, in a tweet showing the results of a research carried out by Hubspot, it was said that companies that blog has 97% more inbound links than those who don’t. If you have any doubt on the huge investments being planted into blogging and content creation by multinational companies, consider this. Content Plus discovered that 60 percent of consumers develop more confidence and trust organisations more after reading custom contents on their sites.

This reality is underscored by professionals in charge of companies’ marketing across the USA when ContentPlus discovered that about 40 percent of them consider blogs as the most valuable type of content marketing tool.

Lastly, TMG Custom Media discovered that 90 percent of customers consider custom contents useful and 78 percent of them believe companies producing the contents are interested in building a good relationship beyond just selling products and services.

In a summary, these are strong proofs that justify companies’ massive investments on quality contents in their marketing drives?

How To Thrive As A Blogger in 2017

Set A Clear Target

A study undertaken by Harvard Business School which was released recently had it that 84% of graduates surveyed had no clearly set goals. Out of the remaining 16 percent, only 3 percent had their goals written down with strategies aimed at achieving them.

Your guess is as good as mine! The 3 percent with concrete written goals end up earning the average of 10 times incomes more than the rest of the 97 percent without a written goal! (From

In Scott Reed’s words, this one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything. It actually works far more than you could envisage without putting it to work.


I am assuming that you’ve got the goals for 2017 in place for your blog. What’s your plan for the number of traffic you intend to drive at the end of the first quarter? How do you want to be ranked? What do you want your brand to be known for? And, how do you intend to achieve these goals?

If you get this right, they will become your propelling force through the year.

Re-evaluate the quality of your contents

If you haven’t heard the expression, On the internet, content is the king, you need to take time and pause to give your blogging job a new look. You should consider how relevant your content materials are to your audience and, the quality of such contents.

Think through how much of their questions are getting answered and how problems are getting solved by your works. Let your contents be the light that brightens the darkness of their doubts.


Furthermore, think about how incisive your contents are. Will they resonate better as videos? Or, are they more incisive on CD, e-books or infographs? Work on making them more engaging and optimised for easy use on the web.

Ultimately, find how to beat the competitions with classic contents that put you in a class ahead of the rest and reach the target with precision.

Think Compatibility

In 2017, if you want to make the right impact and reach the number of audiences that will place you among elite bloggers, you need to start thinking beyond your current reach.

What plans are you having for other media through which people can access your work? About 70 percent of internet users are now accessing the web through mobile devices. That number is even higher among teenagers with some researches recording over 90 percent use.


Internet users, including your visitors, have had enough headaches for being online. There are so many tasks, so many attractions and distractions on the internet that you don’t have to add to them.

The rule to keeping your audience attracted and glued to your works is, keep it simple! Ensure professionalism, quality and simplicity run through your video materials, sentences and structures used in your contents, reduce sentence length and jargons as much as possible.

There is this certain and incontestable trace of mastering that sparks through the pages of a work delivered with simplicity. Albert Eistein puts it this way,

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Install and constantly update social media plug-ins.

If you want your blog contents to go wide within a very short time, help your readers to promote the work. Ensure all the popular social media plug-ins are right there on your blog.

Of course, the most popular ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube but you may need to include a few other especially those specific for certain posts. Professional contents will be very much appreciated on LindekIn and Pinterest for instance while you can work around Snapchat for creative still and motion pictures.

Besides, these will also serve as media for promoting the works.

Update the security of your blog.

The coming year is going to pose a huge security threat and scams on both bloggers and internet users generally. This is expected considering the huge activities and commercial activities expected on the digital media in the coming year.

If you want to thrive and peacefully navigate through the terrain, put strong security measures in place that will also ensure your blog visitors can also trust to do businesses comfortably with you.


Verisign DDoS Protection Services

Be original and consistent

Don’t try to play anyone else; you will only end up a carbon copy of the person. Create a niche that you are excited about and run with it until you build a popular brand around it.

You should also be consistent with your schedules. If you want to be taken seriously, create schedules and stick to it. You will be surprised to learn about the number of people waiting to receive your updates all the time.

Get Creative with Messages

A lot of battles, conversions and deals will be won through creative and personalised e-mails.

Of course, the internet will be a lot more crowded in the coming year. Internet audience will be bombarded with so much information, contents and advertising that more of them will be confused after getting online. But the way you undertake your e-mail marketing could make a lot of difference.

Take the mail above for instance, it wasn’t just welcoming the customers. It thanked him for making a download and closed with an opportunity to interact further with the sender.

Brush up your skills here and learn to reach your audience with more personalised messages that speak appealingly individually.

Ensure your posts and campaign strategies are properly planned.

Taking guesses with trials and errors won’t get you through many blocks in 2017. You will need to clearly specify the purpose of every campaign and put definite schedules around them.



There are software on the internet that can aid your schedules and ensure your works are timely, precise and take a lot of job off your desk. You can give socialpilot a trial. Check it out at

Keep Learning

Besides being a great thinker and writer, a blogger is also a wide reader. Read, study and learn consistently to increase your skills and expertise of your chosen niche.

You can identify what you need to learn at every quarter and get training and materials that will give you a boost. Whatever happens, as a blogger, you begin to lose it immediately your audience realise you aren’t on top of the trends in your niche.

That’s a terrible low for any blogger and it spells a huge loss in this competitive era.

If you are ready to take on 2017, here is your best chance. If not, it isn’t late yet.  Get on your feet and reach for the skies.


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