“Roar!!!” He heard the sound again, again and again.

By now, it’s certain the beast was just a few metres away. Its escape ranked John’s life’s biggest dilemma.

Caught earlier in one of his several traps, the one at the centre of the groove, John had prepared the usual poisoned spear and landed a blow on the fierce but exhausted beast. The bow that was supposed to drain life out of it veins in minutes. It didn’t!

For the first time in his over twenty years hunting experience, that turned the tonic needed to sprout its strength. Within a minute, its dazed eyeballs turned fiery and, with no explanations in particular, broke loose from the trap.

How John climbed the tree is a sheer bravery.

The beast, furious and fierce, wobbled to the same tree.  Again, John lazed yet another spear and landed what was supposed to be the final blow.

It was. But then, the hunter became the hunted. He would have none of his carcass as it staggered yet along, red and furious.

(Submitted as a flash fiction to Etisalat in 2013)



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