NAILED! (short story)

“Life couldn’t have been crueller,” Emmy thought as she ruminates on the events of the last few months. A painful experience that ushers in the nastiest stories she thinks history has ever written.

The last few days has taught her that the head, not the fist is the finest arsenal against a daring foe. For her, even the hottest of tears won’t get her any close to the temple of freedom. More tears forced their way through the doors of her eyes as she watched the time juggled down on her breath.

Emmy couldn’t believe a simple frivolity could hand her such grievous injustice. It all started when she caught Lara with her boyfriend at the east-wing of the University of Benin stadium.

At first, she thought it was a dream. She struggled to wake up from the terrifying nightmare only to be denied the bliss of reversing the painful reality; her best friend in the bosoms of her boy-friend.

At first she thought she could outsmart the dreadful emotion roaring like the sea in her but Lara didn’t help the case. She was stone blunt and an unrepentant ‘bitch’.

Other things played out like a film over which the viewers has no iota of control. She couldn’t really tell when she lifted her hands, at least not to her knowledge. But then, she remembered it landed on her cheeks.

The fight was fierce and raw. She can’t still believe she had such violence hidden inside of her. Worse still, she never thought Lara could be so wicked. She (Lara) handed her the beating of her life: teeth, nails and blows, all flying through her dazzle eyes.

Half crying, half threatening, she swore to ensure that Lara paid for this with her very life before the week ran out. Eventually, it seemed that was the only thing no ear missed that strange night.

Indeed, Lara did! In court, for over eight months, Emmy failed to proof she wasn’t responsible for Lara’s death four days after the fight. Even her boyfriend testified again her! Emmy was sure the script of the dreadful night was written from the deepest part of hell.

It was a battle of her words against facts and reality. She failed and was sent to the hangmen!

deepest part of hell.

It was a battle of her words against facts and reality. She failed and was sent to the hangmen!


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