Dear Mr. President,



You have not always been my first choice but I never hesitated for once the need to vote for you at this particular time. It is a clarion call.

Indeed, I believe that you failed in the last three (3) attempts to rule this nation because you were made for times like this. There is time for everything!

Mr. President, allow me to start by sounding a note of warning about the task ahead of you. This is a largely polarized entity. Recently, so much have been invested into even magnifying our polarity along the lines of tribes, religions and ethics (yes, ethics). You are asked to take charge of the ship of the nations when the storms are roaring the strongest. If you are a not so good captain, this is the best time to ask for help. The other alternative is to wreck this gigantic ship. I need not tell you the implications on the rest of the world.

Secondly, you need to choose your friends and advisers very carefully. It is clearly impossible for you to be a sheep if all your friends are dressed like wolfs with carnivorous blades in their teeth. Mr. President, if you don’t take out to choose the right co-pilots and captains, it is a matter of time. It is a tough call but the only real call.

Again, Nigeria is like a car headed for the Promised Land. The engines are worn-out, the body tattered and the wheels screeching from the pain of disuse. Indeed, you have on your hands an asthmatic cabinet driven by a gasping engine. We are in a dark and the lights are out and deem. We are headed for a light at the end of a tunnel, but my fears are that it could be the light of a train coming to end this strenuous trip.

Our economy is in red. Agriculture is in patches. Our currency is crumbled. Our reputations in the air. The hope of a successful destination rests solely on the skills and miracle of whoever takes the wheels. Sir, can you hand it over to God? Ramming into this gleaming light is a risk; it could end all of our dwindling hopes. Can you think while asleep? Can you take decisions that we have always known but feared to take? Would you restore sanity into our system? You may choose not to…we are counting days for you – someone was on your seat yesterday.

Very quickly, let me outline what I consider a redline and urgent call.

  • First, accept Fayose apology but fasten a rope on his neck. Learn from the past.
  • Pay attention to the Niger Delta and make a good friend with them. But, do not allow a pocket of militants to breed on any part of those dreadful woods.
  • Set bait for Femi-Fani Kayode. He has a running lip. He has so much to say. But DO NOT ALLOW HIM ON YOUR TEAM. I advise you hand you over to Prof Osinbanjo, he needs a good deliverance.
  • Watch your friends and company. There are too many frauds among the people hanging around the corners of Aso Rock. Watch and count your friends. Do otherwise to your perish.
  • Listen to the voice of reason. Not just listen, search for it, for your office will be located miles away from the nearest truth. How well you do this will determine your destiny in the next four years.
  • Invest in the youths. You if you have not been told, power is now residing on the fingers of the youths. And, unfortunately, they are one-way thinkers.
  • Lastly, Africans understand God more than mathematics and Science; and it has always worked for us. Lead us God’s way. Keep your explanations, just lead with integrity.

Conclusively, there are several people, indeed, millions of them that opposed your candidacy. You SHOULD NEVER PITCH YOUR TENT with tribe, religion or political affiliations. You may have dug your pit if you tread this path.

Mr. President, it is your call. You can choose to swim or drawn. Mr. President, the ball is in your court!

Sanusi Okesola S

A patriotic citizen.


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