A Princely Pauper

Life hasn’t always been fair

Indeed, life isn’t fair

I am a prince of a nation in shameful affluence

I am driven by numberprince

Honoured with races unnumbered

And my safe stocked with resources I can’t even stand to manage

I am a giant

With a size that intimidates both friends and foes

Blessed with human unraveled in books

Minds unbroken despite pains

And hope that never fails

I am a maiden

Even angels envy my splendor

Young men queue to take a peep

Graced in figure and style

With radiance that cripples the minds of men

I am a lion

My roar, like the dreadful warning of a marauding beast

Sends terrors through waters and seas

Even the mighty stands transfixed

Praying my furious path never to cross

I am an eagle

High up beyond the reach of hate and envy

Thrives amidst the boisterous storms

Though other birds scrambled for shelter

My wings are spread beyond the grips of storm

I am me, the pride of Africa

The cynosure of mighty nations

The over-pampered wasteful son of nature

A prince in paucity

A prince like a pauper

I am a misfit

Rule by men with the minds of a beast

A fatted cow

Milked by wolves while the lambs faint for want

A paradise without a trace of beauty or peace

A prince, yes a lonely prince

Stands at the crossroad of history

My honours flew like rocket heading to the skies

Where is my fear? Where is my majesty

Where is your place my darling crumbling giant?

…where is NIGERIA?

Africa is waiting.


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